Welcome to Cana

Cana Community Church is a space where you can come and live, even if you don’t want to “go to church”.

We desire to have a space where people can go who, for whatever reason, cannot bring themselves to go to the churches that already exist.

Perhaps you have become disillusioned with the traditional church of your youth or have been put off by the way politics have quietly found a place in many pulpits. Some people have been genuinely hurt by the decidedly human side of a church they once belonged to, or they just cannot get comfortable with the natural exclusiveness of many denominations. And others remain skeptical of religion in general. They may have an honest curiosity of God but cannot seem to settle in any of the more common church environments. It is our vision to create a space in which even the most disillusioned, the most hurt, the most skeptical can be comfortable.

“It is our vision to create a space in which even the most disillusioned, the most hurt, the most skeptical can be comfortable.”

We have found that many persons retain a desire to worship God, celebrate Christ, satisfy their curiosity of the Divine, or be in community despite their misgivings about church in general. Cana Community strives to welcome these fellow sojourners and meet them where they are at. Christ welcomed everyone to table in such a way it was as if He said, “Come, just as you are, with all your doubts and questions and insecurities, with all your failures and skepticism, with your dirty hands and soiled hearts. Come to My table and eat with Me. My bread will feed your hungry body, My wine will cleanse your soul.”

Sunday @ Cana

Our Sunday church service starts at 10:00 and lasts approximately 90 minutes.

Cana in our Homes

Cana meets in the home of one of our families. Check out our facebook page for the address each week.

All are welcome.

We use a digital bulletin every week so scan the QR code with your phone before you sit down.

Music @ Cana

Music is in the DNA of Cana and plays an integral component of our weekly service.

Explore the links below:

Cana Music playlist on Spotify – A Spotify playlist of all the songs that are featured both during the service and in worship. Updated weekly.

Cana Songs on The Promise is Hope – A Spotify playlist that explores songs featured that week, and new songs that are similar in theme to what was being played.

The Promise is Hope (a local band we think you should check out)

Social Media

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